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7 tips for taking care of antique furniture by Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden Restorers


Modern home furnishings are far different from antique furniture, so the methods involved in taking care and repairing both types of furniture shouldn't be the same. It’s also evident that the ways involved in taking care of valuable and historical antique furniture have changed throughout the years and you're possibly thinking that the use of adhesives, fasteners, finishes, and polishes can help you protect and preserve each piece you have, but you’re wrong, simply because those things just affect the current and future value of your furnishings.

Do you want to preserve the value of your precious antique furniture? Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden Furniture Restorers is here to give you a hand by sharing the following tips:

Take extra care when moving a furniture

Check if there are any loose or damaged joinery when you're moving your antique furniture,you can avoid fraud deals by doing so. You must carry the chairs through their seat rails, and tables through their apron and legs. Don't drag large furniture across the floor, lifting it is far better.

It's also best to remove the doors, drawers, and shelves first before moving a furniture. You can also put blankets or any proper padding on glass doors to protect them. Carry large items on their back or top. Marble tops on furniture should be removed first before moving them and must be carried in a vertical manner along with mirrors and glass.

Avoid direct sunlight

Place your antique furniture away from direct sunlight because sunlight can degrade early finishes, wood, and fabrics. If possible, put curtains or shades around such pieces to deter contact from sunlight.

Put a humidifier or a dehumidifier in your home

The amount of moisture in the air can also affect antique furniture. The wood might expand or contract due to the changes in relative humidity. Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden Furniture Restorers recommends the use of a humidifier or a dehumidifier to help lessen the damaging effects of too much moisture (or dryness) into your valued antique furniture. These apparatus can help you maintain the relative humidity in your home.


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